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Jumpstart your Instagram growth with my free 5-day challenge.

This 5-day challenge will help you:

  • Set up your Instagram account for long term success (Build your foundations)

  • Promote your business, brand, or blog (without being sales-y!)

  • Effortlessly position yourself as the expert in your niche

  • Plus so much more!



Hi, I’m Loredana, Head of Mixology at Marketology.

I teach small business owners how to build a strong online presence, increase website traffic, create content that sticks and make sales through Social Media.

OK, OK, Head of Mixology is not a real job title – I am a Social Media Strategist specialising in Facebook and Instagram Marketing.I like mixing traditional Marketing and PR techniques with Online Marketing to help my clients getting seen and heard online.

First of all, I understand how full of fear and uncertainty the road to success can be.  I’ve been there myself, I am still work in progress, and this is the reason I crafted this challenge: to help you master this popular social media platform if this is the platform where your target audience is.

Let’s dive in and discover how you can elevate your brand on Instagram and turn your passion into profit.

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