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Blending the right online marketing tools and techniques to help you reach the target audiences for your small business or enterprise.

Let’s create straightforward, no nonsense strategies and plans to get your business more engagement, more traffic, more leads and more sales, without feeling like you are being pushy.

I am Loredana, a Chartered Marketer specialising in Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy. Fuelled by flat whites, I’m an unconventional mum of one, living in London (my adoptive home). I’m a coffee geek ☕ 🤓, a Mixologist at heart, a dreadful tennis player and a social media aficionado. I enjoy travelling, photography, discovering new places and chocolate cake.

I love helping entrepreneurs and small businesses to outsmart their competitors by developing a personal brand and an online marketing strategy using social media, online tools and outsourcing.

Marketology was founded with one end goal in mind: to help entrepreneurs and business owners to mix the right marketing tools for the right target audience, through the mixing techniques crafted for your business.

I strongly believe social media should be something you enjoy, not overwhelming and this is how I help my customers.

After several years of working as a freelance marketing consultant, I decided to set up my own digital media agency to help entrepreneurs and businesses owners to improve their online and offline marketing, to make sense of social media and work smarter online.

I am truly passionate about helping you to understand the ins and outs of social media and what matters for your business at the moment.

When not working, you can find me reading, at a museum with my daughter, travelling, in a down dog pose at yoga, running, or hanging out with my best friends or with my family.

I am very excited to work with a team of experienced Digital Marketers and Copywriting experts who are passionate about social media and all things digital.

Will help you Increase your online presence, get you more followers, drive leads, and grow your brand.

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